Housing Assistance

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Housing Assistance

Harmony House operates three housing assistance programs—Rapid Rehousing, the CARE Supportive Housing Program, and the HEART Supportive Housing Program.

The Rapid Rehousing program helps clients who are experiencing homelessness by obtaining and maintaining permanent housing. RRH assists them financially by helping them identify a suitable unit for them. RRH pays the first month's rent and security deposit for the client. Case managers and Support Specialists work with clients to identify rental properties that meet both their needs and their budget. RRH also provides financial literacy materials to help them maintain their new residence through case management and supportive services for a term of approximately 6 months. The Rapid Rehousing programs offered through Harmony House, prioritize different demographics (persons fleeing domestic violence, families with children, persons living unsheltered, persons with major medical conditions, and persons who are 55+) in an effort to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

The program's grant funds then pay the first month's rent and damage deposit, while providing ongoing supportive services for up to six months.

Our two Supportive Housing Programs work with individuals living with complex barriers to achieving stable housing, such as a serious mental illness, substance use disorder, or physical disability. These clients have a higher chance of being chronically homeless, meaning they've experienced homelessness multiple times in their lives. 

The intense support in these programs utilize support specialist with lived experience, as well as frequent case management, to ensure each client gets the full care they need to become housed and stay housed. Our HEART program is considered to be more of a long-term program, while our CARE program is considered to be shorter-term. 

Last updated: 2023-01-27