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The First Steps Wellness & Recovery Center program also falls under the Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless umbrella. The Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless provides operational oversight, including hiring, appointments for project leaders and staff support.

First Steps Wellness & Recovery Center
[email protected]
730 Seventh Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701

First Steps Wellness & Recovery Center is a peer-run drop-in center with a focus on serving adults who are experiencing homelessness and a substance use disorder. The center provides recovery coaching, peer support, wellness activities, and a computer lab.
First Steps is located at 730 7th Avenue in Huntington, a space graciously donated by Prestera.
We provide the following at our center:
• Recovery Coach Services (We’re always open to having people ask us about getting into a recovery program – and we’ll walk that journey with them)
• Narcan Training (In about fifteen minutes you’ll be supplied with what it takes to save a life!)
• HIV Testing (Be a part of the solution and know your status.)
• Coffee/Hot Tea (First cup is free, every one after that is 10 cents)
• Snack Bar (Various refreshments for sale, including 50 cent Mt. Dew cans!)
• Computer Lab
• Phone
• Television
• Wi-Fi (Get connected!)
• Library
• Puzzle Table (We always have one going.)

There are many opportunities within this operation for us to create a space where people can make a change.
…A change in thinking and decision-making process. We’re here for that moment.
When a person decides to make a change and commence a life in recovery, to stop harming themselves or others, or to enjoy a more serene existence – that’s what we’re here for.
First Steps Wellness & Recovery Center serves the needs of individuals outside of the traditional system.  We provide a safe, inviting, nonjudgmental environment for individuals to socialize, communicate and participate in activities that support recovery. Individuals are able to interact with others who have shared similar experiences.  The goal is to encourage and improve participant socialization, communication and engagement.
Activities and educational classes are available as a way to move individuals to action so they can begin to recover and improve their quality of life.  Games, jigsaw puzzles, creative arts and ping pong are available, along with an exercise area. Individuals also have access to computers, telephone and a library, or they can relax watching television or participate in special events and activities planned throughout the year.
First Steps provides peer support, educational classes, evidence-based curriculum, weekly AA meetings and activities in a safe, inviting, nonjudgmental environment to individuals that are experiencing homelessness, have mental health issues and/or have a co-occurring substance use disorder. We also educate participants about available support services.

For more information, call 681-378-3791 or email Director Terry Collison at [email protected]

Last updated: 2022-02-15