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Homeless Outreach

At Harmony House, we understand that the success of our clients largely depends on the relationships we build with them. One aspect of the agency that is extremely important is homeless outreach. At least once per month, events are sponsored by area churches or groups that often bring individuals in that would not normally access services on their own. In addition, Harmony House staff has worked closely with Marshall Medical Outreach during their once per month events to take medical care to the homeless and at risk.

When coming to Harmony House in the morning, individuals will often be greeted first by our Engagement Specialists, who will welcome them and assist them in accessing the services they most need.

The Street Outreach teams attempt to make contact with individuals who may be experiencing unsheltered homelessness in order to connect them with service providers to assist in ending their episode of homelessness. To help with this process please use the Unsheltered Homelessness Tip Line ( .

Street outreach efforts also allow Harmony House staff to go out into the community, meeting people where they are. A collaborative effort between Prestera PATH Outreach, Street Outreach at our Youth Center, and our Harmony House Downtown Street Outreach, helps homeless service providers find iindividuals who may be less likely to come in on their own. 

Dominique Miller - Downtown Street Outreach Specialist 304-962-2056
Downtown Street Outreach Specialist 304-963-6282
Jeremy Marshall - ESG Street Outreach Specialist 304-963-6246
Dessa Fairchild - Street Outreach Specialist, The Center 304-563-0209
Dane York - Street Outreach Specialist, The Center 304-544-3402
Michelle Massie Director of Homeless Services, Prestera 304-417-2465
Latasha Hunt - PATH Provider, Prestera 304-962-2266







Last updated: 2023-07-15