First Steps Wellness and Recovery Center

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About First Steps Wellness and Recovery Center

First Steps Wellness & Recovery Center serves the needs of individuals outside of the traditional system.  We provide a safe, inviting, nonjudgmental environment for individuals to socialize, communicate and participate in activities that support recovery. Individuals are able to interact with others who have shared similar experiences.  The goal is to encourage and improve participant socialization, communication and engagement.

First Steps provides peer support, educational classes, evidence-based curriculum, weekly AA meetings and activities in a safe, inviting, nonjudgmental environment to individuals that are experiencing homelessness, have mental health issues and/or have a co-occurring substance use disorder. We also educate participants about available support sservices.

Activities and educational classes are available as a way to move individuals to action so they can begin to recover and improve their quality of life.  Games, jigsaw puzzles, creative arts and ping pong are available, along with an exercise area. Individuals also have access to computers, telephone and a library, or they can relax watching television or participate in special events and activities planned throughout the year.





First Steps is part of the Cabell-Huntington Coalition for the Homeless, which provides operational oversight, including hiring, appointments for project leaders and staff support.

First Steps is located at 730 7th Avenue in Huntington, a space graciously donated by Prestera.



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Last updated: 2016-04-14